HIIT is high intensity interval training, it is defined as repeated bouts of high intensity effort (which varies person to person) followed by varied recovery times...often including explosive/plyometric movements


HILIT is high intensity LOW IMPACT training, so it will still be high intensity, but no plyometric movements


8 Reasons HIIT Workouts Are So Effective

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HIIT Class Timeline

5 Minutes Warm Up

[9 Exercises, 40-45 seconds of work and 20-15 seconds of rest]

9 Minutes of Round 1

1 Minute Rest/Recovery

9 Minutes of Round 2

6 Minutes of Core Work

5 Minutes of Cool Down

What You Need

Internet/Zoom access

A yoga/exercise mat or a towel


A sturdy chair (optional-not needed for every workout)


A good attitude :) I will show how to increase or decrease intensity as needed, give class your best effort and have fun!