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4 steps to becoming your best self

“I can’t post a video of me working out because I didn’t make that workout up myself”

“I don’t know how to even work Instagram-how do you make a story, and what’s that other little circle thing called?”

“I shouldn’t post again because I haven’t decided on a filter and I want all the pictures to look good and match”

“I downloaded the filter, but I don’t know how to use it, so I still need to wait to post anything”

AHHH!! This was my brain going at full speed a few weeks ago. I was in that overwhelming place of knowing what I did not know and I COULD NOT HANDLE IT.

Here I am a few weeks later (in a better mental space, phew!)…..I have more posts on Instagram (some with, some without filter), I have posted a few videos (I did not create the workouts myself), annnnnnd I now know the difference between a story and a highlight and how to use them. I have a friend to thank for helping me understand some new apps, including Instagram, and encouraging me to just play around with it all to get the hang of it. And I have my sister to thank for reminding me, I don’t need to get it all just right. She reminded me that people may appreciate the fact that I am not perfect. I am a real person trying to fit my workout into my day, learn how to use Instagram, raise my kids, and motivate anyone who is interested/or in need of some encouragement that they too can get into a fitness routine.

You can and should put yourself onto the list of things that need to get done today.

Ever since I started putting myself onto the list, I feel like my favorite version of myself. If you want that for yourself…here are my tips:

1. Let go of being perfect.

Lately, I have been reminding myself that it is better to just get started and try something, then to be overwhelmed with my desire to have it perfect. In terms of fitness, if you are working out at home, it’s OK to work out with the modifier. If I refused to modify certain moves, then I would probably end up being unable to move the next day and maybe even quitting the workout.....both of those results are not going to make me motivated to continue with regular exercise.

When I work out these days though, here is what I think about…..if I can get through without the modifier, YAY, party for me, it’s an accomplishment. If I need to modify, I think of it as a goal and motivation to become stronger so that eventually I wouldn’t need the modifier. Quitting the workout never enters my mind. Once I am in spandex and in my very cold basement, it’s ON.

We all need to start somewhere, just embrace your starting point and keep moving towards the next hardest version of that move!

2. Put your goal into the world.

I like to write mine down for myself and then share them with social media, that’s what works for me. Others like to say their goals aloud….my sister believes in this, so does Oprah. True story, 10 years ago my sister moved across the country alone and wanted to find love, she said three times aloud what exactly she was looking for and then three weeks later she met her now husband at a bar on Valentine’s day. Not kidding. They have two kids and a happy marriage. There is something powerful about actually putting what you want into the world. So, I recommend doing that for your fitness goals as well.

Example: I want to [workout regularly, lose weight, be strong]

so that [I have more energy, my clothes fit better, I can manhandle my children]

Whatever your reasons, they are your WHY, they should keep you going when you need some intrinsic motivation.

3. Schedule your “you time” into your day.

If you treat your work out time like an appointment with a client, you wouldn’t blow it off or find an excuse not to go. So, don’t do that to yourself either. Once you do get into the habit of making time for yourself to work out, you will look forward to it and may even crave the feeling it gives you afterward. I know I do. I’m not saying it’s easy to wake up super early in the morning, but that’s the best time to schedule “me time” into my day. When I start my day with a morning workout I tend to be in a good mood, I tend to be less rushed because I was up early with my coffee before everyone else (also helps mood), and I make better nutrition choices for myself because I already put in some work on myself (so I am motivated to skip the donut at the parent coffee-no thanks!).

4. Find an accountability partner.

When I started on my fitness journey I had a coach. I checked in on an app to show her that I got it done every day. Lucky for me, my coach doubles as a good friend and we are currently helping each other out with some early AM texting to make sure we got our butts out of bed….no one is perfect!

An accountability partner is not there to beat you up about a missed workout, they are there to check in with you and cheer you on to get it done at some point in the day. And most importantly, if you miss a day, they are there to say “hellooooo,” the next day because you all have each others’ backs! So ideally, your accountability partner is also on a fitness journey, but if you have a bff, a sister, or a spouse who can help you out, then use them to help you get started.


Let’s connect on Instagram. I’d love it if you’d tag me and use #lizwilleyfitness to let me know how YOU carve out time to be the best version of you.








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