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when I work out, I have more sex...

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

12 Reasons why I love to work out….in no particular order because depending on the day, my reasons and their importance vary :)

1. It makes me feel good

2. I have more energy

3. I make better nutrition choices when I have gotten a workout in

4. It’s that many minutes (20-50ish) in the day TO MYSELF :)

5. I can do pushups, like real ones!!

6. I have muscles

7. I feel strong

8.I feel confident

9. I like how my clothes fit

10. I am more comfortable naked = I have more sex = everyone wins, right??

11. I am providing an active role model for my children

12. Workout clothes are more comfortable than real clothes….am I right??!!

Now that I made my list of 12 reasons and I put them out into the world for everyone to see, I think it’s important to know that I have not felt this way my entire life.

*stop reading here if you a.) don't want to know my life story b.) only decided to read because of the exciting title of my talk ended above :)

I remember when I felt too far off track to even begin (like in college when I was eating and drinking too much and overall I was just very unhappy….at this point I had never experienced the joy of exercise). And then, I probably ate some ice cream because I was sad I didn’t look or feel how I wanted to. And then, I hated myself because I ate ice cream and I would tell myself, “the diet starts tomorrow”. Sound familiar to anyone??

A few years later, I went to graduate school and I started to run. I had no social life so eating and drinking were not issues…my body changed drastically and I started to understand more about nutrition and fitness and how they can impact your body.

I got engaged shortly after I came home from graduate school, and it would be safe to say I became a little obsessed with fitness and nutrition. Ah #weddinggoals. I wouldn’t exactly call this normal or a balanced lifestyle-sometimes I went to the gym in the morning and at night (CRAY, I know!!)

So, fast forward to me last year at just about this time. I had a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I was about to become a full-time stay at home parent; I had been working part time since my littlest was 5 months old. I feared being home all the time (just being really really honest here). The other times in life when I was home full time I was in a cloud of baby, spit up, sleep deprivation-all those fun parenting things. I knew if I was going to be happy, I needed to make a change and do something in my life just for me. Since I was going to be home and I knew that was (hopefully) better than a nanny for the boys, what could I do so I stayed sane??

Well, lucky for me my clothes still were not fitting as I wanted and my body was still smooshier than I would have liked. Hah. And very lucky for me, I knew my limitations-joining the gym did not feel like it was in the cards for me at that time. So, I reached out to a local mom coach who inspired me with her own mind and body transformation (shoutout to @liz.dearruda). I have always found body transformations interesting, I have looked up more on Instagram than I would like to admit. But, I find inspiration in everyone’s journey.

It’s crazy to say, but from a physical standpoint, I might be in better shape than ever, and from a mental standpoint, I feel pretty balanced. I do not diet or restrict myself and I am up for learning a new way to do things (cook, clean, organize, think, problem solve, workout, parent, play). I love cooking and feeding my family healthy foods. I think understanding food/nutrition is essential for people to reach their fitness goals, so if you don’t really know your way around a kitchen or you just don’t know anything about healthy (and delicious) eats… blog will have a bunch of cooking tutorials to help you out.

My love of fitness has grown to the point where I want to learn more about how our bodies work so I can help other people reach their fitness goals. So, in September of 2019 I will be starting to study to become a certified personal trainer. You can also look for some workout moves, as I get going with my studies I will post some of my own videos.

So that’s that. It felt long to write out and it was emotionally draining. Even though I was only writing, I was still feeling all the feelings. Unhappy, chubby, depressed, helpless, uplifted, motivated, ready, happy, PROUD. My cycle of feelings didn’t go in a pretty little cycle, but if any of this resonates with you, I hope you know that you can make anything happen, IF YOU WANT IT. YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you!!!

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